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Digitization, Your Way

Today everyone is talking about digitizing assets but the real challenge for content owners lies in three questions – where, when and how does one digitize?

Content has always been the king. Whether it’s in business or personal lives, we are constantly generating, accessing and hoarding content. In a content driven world, the vital question is how do we go about ensuring the continued sustenance of our content so that its accessibility and usability remains constant?

Digitizing content is a valuable investment and monetization an imperative. With content heavy industries and value embedded content, the act of selecting the right digitization model for your content, is often an arduous process. Sanjay Salil navigates the various digitization models available, helping you pick the right one for your organization.

In an increasingly networked world, content is generated on a wide scale and on a multi platform basis. Whether it is legacy or contemporary, the content held in those analogue tapes or hard drives, is not going to be available unhindered. The scratches and blurs, the dark patches and missing frames; haunt audiovisual content in every corner of the world. While there is no escaping either technical obsolescence or media degradation, there is a way to restore and preserve the content.

Broadcasters owning stores chock-a-block with legacy tapes and footage, must take that crucial step towards digital archiving. Digitization assures both preservation and monetization of your content and hence is an investment that can neither be ignored nor delayed.

Media and broadcasting is an expanding market in MENA. The requisites of content sensitivity, privacy, security and copyright alongside the technical steps of tagging, cleaning, digital enhancement, ingestion, storage and quality control, makes digitization an intricate and challenging process. Outsourcing digitization ensures the handling of the complex workflows by experts.

There are three Digitization Models, suited to disparate organizational capacities:

MediaGuru Digitization Engagement Models
Typical models of engagement for Digitization and Media Asset Management Services

Off Site Digitization:

If you are a small organization seeking content digitization, the Off-Site model is the best pick. The process is executed by specialists and the model economizes the financial investment, with digitization, manpower and equipment located Off-site. The model is best suited for short-term and brief projects.

On Site Digitization:

If you are a media house, studio or broadcaster, the On-site digitization model is the perfect option. While the technical expertise and manpower is outsourced, the physical site and equipment is provided on-site. The management of the project remains in the hands of the organization, while the process and the technical workflow, lays with the experts.

Managed Services:

If you are a large company with heavy generation and ownership of content, then Managed Services is the best model. A service contract that outsources operations, infrastructure, equipment and technical workflows, the model is a blend of the previous two options.

Digitization is a strategic and a financial decision and hence, which model is best suited to an organization is based on the same prerequisite. In the MENA market, the strategic requirements are at the forefront. From the value and volume of content to the required technical infrastructure and expertise demands, the selected digitization model is based on multiple facts and specifications.

With the digital world expanding and escalated content generation, digitization is no longer a choice. It’s an indispensable gift to the present, to preserve the future.